The ski has the Riva intake, arrester replacement, R&D plate and free flowing exhaust. I finally found some calm water and and the speed was a GPS best of 67.8. It was 70 degrees and I am 190 lbs. It was pretty consistent. I am going to put on a digital tach, but, the factory tach shows close to 7800, that should put it close to the rev limiter.


1. Shouldn't the ski be closer to 70 with these mods.

2. The ski also appears to be close to or right at the limiter - could there be a prop or plate issue. The plate is even with the hull and it does not protrude below the plane.

3. A bit of a tangent, but, the ski from day one has had a mechanical rattle that seems to be coming from the SC. It is only can be heard with the seat removed. It is more apparent at idle and seems to smooth out or go away with rpm's - is this common or a possible problem.


1. I never had the ski in calm water without the R&D pate so I do not know if plate shaved some speed. With the R&D plate in rough water the the ski is like on a track, I cannot believe how it stays planted. My best GPS speed without the plate in rough water was close to my calm water speed with the plate.

2. I just changed oil. It is kind of interesting, the manual indicates an oil change requires approximately 3.25 quarts, but, the total capacity is 4.5 quarts. where is the the other quart hiding?

3. I changed the filter and upon start-up the oil pressure warning light/buzzer came on. I stopped and started it a couple of ore times and it went out. Myguess is it saw the drop in pressure as the filter filled.

4. I followed the thread about the cross reference on the filter. A couple of insights, the Sierra filter wasn't available from any warehouse. Wix had several crosses, but, they all were substantially smaller in diameter, therefore, you would loose area in the filter media. The same for the Fram, substantially smaller in diameter. I ended up buying the oem filter.

5. The factory must not have oiled the filter o-ring, it seemed to be stuck to the block, it took a lot of torque to break. The dip stick is very difficult to read, it is best if you insert the it with the graduated side on the bottom or to the right, this makes it easier to read.