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    95 SPI Cranks but does not run

    Hey guys i bought a 95 spi that wasn't running. i bought it from some guy who said that it did run but he doesn't want it or and has no way to tow it or w.e and it needs some work

    well to make a long story short i figured out that my MPEM was bad had had it repaired by Mike (allthingscustom), thanks again mike it woks great, and now it cranks but it will not turn over. i tried a little start fluid and checked the pugs they looked good and i regaped them and still nothing. the engine has compression and its getting spark but it does look a little weak.

    im at a loss for what to do next im going to pick up some new plugs tomorrow maybe that will do the trick but why else should i check? i was thinking the filter in the carbs?

    thanks in advance

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    could be a number of things. some things I check before I try and start a ski with known issues.
    1. Check fuel filter and clean if dirty. (if should be under the steering assembly if you pull your hood up and bucket out)
    2. Pull spark plug wire out of spark plug boots. cut end off. strip about 1/4 to 3/8 of insulation off wire. fold back wire onto the insulation and re-install back into boot and ZIP tie it down nice and tight.
    3. Do a compression check with gauge. if the rings are shot. if could feel that you do have compression. but two-stroke are funny if compression is low. compression should be over 100psi. and within 10-15% of each cylinders.
    4. Crank it over a few times, and ensure FUEL fills back up in filter assembly. (good sign the carb pump is working, and fuel is getting to the carbs)
    5. Are you using the choke to start it? it will cause it to pull more vacuum and fuel into motor.

    these old skis have the crappy grey fuel lines that deteriate over time. and clog up the external and internal fuel filters.

    I have had skis not start due to clogged internal filters, and the typical reason if you are getting good spark, the oil injection may have failed or ran out of oil and the rings wiped out in the effected cylinder due to lack of lubication. but again... it could be a number of things. gas could be very old? water in gas? spark weak or intermitten? faulty/fouled plugs? low compression? faulty fuel pump (part of carb assembly) and I am sure I left some other reasons out?? keep up posted on your progress. good luck!

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    Thanks man i didn't get to work on it today and the jetski store was closed so i didn't get to pick up new plugs but im gonna work on it all day tomorrow so ill give some of your ideas a try and keep you updated

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    you can get the spark plugs from any auto part store. its a very common plug.

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    to add to the above post. i would pull the carbs. do a full rebuild. I bet the internal screens on the carbs are packed full. you may also have a needle sticking open in the carbs....thats where I would start and then change all the fuel lines and clean the selector valve and install a new o ring in it.

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    Thanks guys i got plugs and put them in and it started right up.

    i also got a new fuel filter when i was at the jetski store but i didnt put it in yet b.c idk if i should before i change the all the fuel lines over and clean the carbs?

    but right now i just want to get this thing on the water and make sure everything works but im having a problem getting it registered! after i get this registration mess figured out im gonna deal with new fuel lines and cleaning the carbs out.

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