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    1998 xl1200 carb rebuild

    I have a 1998 xl1200 that has nearly 100 hours on it and has never had a carb rebuild. I believe I will try to rebuild them myself but I need to know exactly what parts I need before I start. I have been looking on ebay at the mikuni kits and some say they do not have the correct gasket for a 1200cc yamaha. I am planning on putting in a primer while I have the carbs out. Will I need to change any jets if taking out the carb butterflys? If I plan on putting on flame arrestors in the future should I change the jets? Thanks for help.

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    You need the mikuni SBN kits three needed for a rebuild. Part number is MK-BN38/44-SPR do not use off brands it is not worth it. not really necessary to rejet for F/A's.

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    ok thanks

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    agree with Bill, but i'd go ahead with 100 pilots on all 3 and 1.5 n/s, 115spring upgrade. When you pull the choke plates you'll have slightly reduced signal but not enough to worry about..the 135 mains are rich already. I like what Bill does , drilling out the restrictor orifice and putting a main jet in the reserve line also. Forgot what size.

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    I may just send them to bill. I have never rebuilt carbs before and really dont want to screw them up.

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