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    2000 Genesis Burning Piston

    I am new to the PWC world and i have a 2000 genesis that is carb and last year the 3rd cylinder(rear one) keep having a loose spark plug .I would tighten it up and ride on then by the time i get back it was loose again.After about a week of this i had a bad miss and no power, i investigated and found i had no compression that cylinder ,so i tore it down and found i had a hole burnt in the piston.I then went ahead and tore all of them down bored to next oversize and put all new rings pistons and pins and bearings .It ran great and very strong .i put it up for the winter got it back out this summer rode it all weekend and then came back the next weekend to ride and after about 30 mins i had a bad miss again, plug was loose and no compression again! I need some help as to why (1) is the plug keep loosing up , i have looked at the thread and they are fine on the machine and the spark plug.(2) why do i keep burning pistons on that cylinder?is the loose plug leaning it out so bad its burning the piston before i can find it? Thanks in advance for any help .This site has great info.

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    Welcome back
    Did you run the rebuilt engine for all of the 2008 riding season, without trouble?

    Are you using the correct spark plugs for the engine, NGK BR9ES ?

    Do you have the Polaris Service manual for your 2000 Genesis, which can be download from here.

    There are also links from there to the Polaris Service Bulletins, Repair Services and lots of other useful info.

    If the PTO (rear) spark plug keeps getting loose, you may want to simply replace that cylinder head with another good one - used or new.

    You can look up the part number, and what other years and models used the same parts, on the Polaris Industries parts cross reference web site.

    When you repaired the engine last time, did you also replace the gray Tempo fuel lines and fuel filter, and clean/rebuild the Keihin CDK carburetors?

    It sounds like the PTO cylinder was running with too little fuel delivery at high throttle levels, called lean burn.

    Usually, if the carburetor adjustments are correct, a lean burn hole through the piston means the carburetor is plugged up inside, or the fuel pump is weak, reducing fuel flow for that cylinder.

    If you can attach a few clear photos of the damaged piston, cylinder walls, and head, that might help us confirm the damage cause.

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    Burned Piston

    It ran maybe 10 hrs 2008 season as it was busy year as far as not getting to play much. I will have the pics in a day or so. No i didnt replace the fuel line wasnt aware i needed to(im new).I feel like the carb is clogged .Yes Correct plugs are used.

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    hi yea ive had same problem had, ctr plug and pto came loose retightend came loose and ctr fell out, yea treads good and changed plugs. then pto piston melted, in forum seach (piston melt ) so far new piston 0.25, cyl bored and honed , new gaskets, washed and sucked out pto crank case. rebuilt carbs, all new gaskets and seals. found brass fitting on ctr carb blocked . in forum ( carb return ) some lose pilot jets, main jets wrong. not in the right carbs. found bit of silicone, been sucked from tank and stuck in bend of tank outlet to filter, causing lean running, think plugs loosend as running too hot on ctr and pto. started up. idles on mag and ctr, not pto cylinders mag 128 ctr 130, pto 128 psi. good spark, tipped bit of petrol down pto it reved up, think could be pto crank seal or weak pto fuel pump ! still trying to sort out as the weather in uk is in the 30 ts.

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