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    Thumbs down 1994 Polaris SL650 more problems

    I got the ski to turn over and i got it running, but now the fun stuff i took the jet ski to the water and had it attached to the truck just to test it and it ran fine for about 10 seconds and then it died. So we brought it back home and i took out the spark plugs they were jizzed up with white oily stuff except the last cylinder closest to the bow i put one plug in that was the no jizzed up one i started it and jizz just blew out of the two other plug holed i mean lots of it . So do i have a blown head gasket and where is it if i do.

    One more thing how fast does this ski go just wondering.

    Hey i got the ski for free and i havent put any $ into it so its gonna have problems.

    Clayton Katz

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    You need to get the water out of the engine ASAP.

    Crank it until there is very little spray coming out of the spark plug holes. Then put good spark plugs in, and start it on the trailer.

    Let it run for about 20 seconds, without any water cooling.

    Shut it down, let it sit for a few minutes, then do it again. Rev the throttle a few times, but don't over rev it. Just firm and short squeezes.

    This will warm up the engine, and help dry the water out.

    Re-start it several more times, with several minute cool down periods in between. Do not let the engine get so hot you cannot touch it.

    Now remove the intake flame arrestor, and spray fogging oil down into each carburetor while the engine is running one last time. You don't need to drown the engine, just give it a good spraying into each carb.

    Shut the engine down. Remove the spark plugs, and spray a little fogging oil into each spark plug hole. Leave the plugs out, and bump the starter button a couple of times, just enough to crank the engine over a turn or two.

    Put the spark plugs back in (to keep dirt from falling into the engine), just loosely hand tightened, and leave the wires off.

    At this point, hopefully you have gotten the majority of the moisture out of the engine, and the fogging oil will help protect the steel bearings in the crank case.

    Now you need to find out how the water was getting into the engine.

    One method is to conduct a leak down test, which is outlined in the Polaris Service Manual. If one or more of the engine internal gaskets has failed, you will need to figure out which one(s) and repair the problem.

    BTW, click here for lots of other useful info on the Fuji engine Polaris.

    You can also learn a lot by searching the Polaris forums, and reading the many, many other threads from other owners who have similar Fuji engined Polaris to your own. The 650, 750, and 780 engines are all very similar.

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