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    Exclamation polaris sl650 running lean issues?

    whats all the running lean stuff im hearing about and what to do to prevent it and how much should it cost

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    Depends on the year. Early 650's had the cheezy square fuel pump that only moves 12 liters per hour, and your motor uses 16 liters/hour. So you want to upgrade your fuel pump. (I'm guessing on the numbers, but I do remember that the square pump flows significantly less than the motor at WOT)

    The 92 and 93 models had 3 separate intake manifolds, instead of the one intake. So you have to align the manifolds before you install the carbs, or else you get an air leak.

    It is my opinion that these two flaws account for almost all of the problems that give Polaris the reputation as "Unreliable"....

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    Most of these aging skis haven't been maintained very well.

    A fuel system upgrade should prevent a problem before you have one.

    Triple outlet fuel pump $30
    New fuel hoses $20
    Carb rebuild kits (use genuine Mikuni) around $40 each and you need 3 $120
    Needles and seats $15 each and you need 3 of them (size 2.0) $45
    Clean/inspect the petcock or replace it. Replacement around $15

    This should keep your ski reliable for years to come.

    Some stuff you may not need, like needles/seats if they're still good,but wouldn't be a bad idea.

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