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    Quick Question

    Well I ran the virage I the weekend about a 100 miles. Does anyone know what the top speed and rpm's are? I am hitting 6000 rpm and about 49-50mph if I am on slick water. Does this sound about right? Dewane

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    Max RPM sounds low. I would have expected something in the mid-6000 range, or higher. The RPM limiter is set at 7200RPM.

    My Virage TXi revs to right around 6900RPM at WOT on smooth water, also with a 7200PRM limiter.

    Check that the throttle cable is adjusted correctly. You should be able to open the throttle plates to 100% open (vertical) when the thumb lever is fully squeezed.

    Make sure you also have a slight throttle cable slack when the lever is at idle position.

    If you do adjust the throttle cable, also check the oil pump cable adjustment afterwards. You will need a small mirror to see the index marks on the oil pump arm.

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    i have a 93 polaris sl 650. when i hook a power source up to it (battery) and i try to turn it over.. nothing happens and my elcetrical box just makes a buzzing sound like something is not engaging, could this mean my box is bad ? also my 750 runs great, so just out of curiosity.. i just hit the ignition long enough to try to hear the box... and NO buzzing noise comes from it that i hear. so i think my 650 box is bad , can you anyone tell me ??
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    I would pull the plugs and remove the drive coupler cover. Make sure the engine spins by hand. If it does, try cranking it with the plugs out. My guess is that either the engine or jet pump is seized up. If that's not the case, my next suspicion would be the starter or bendix. Other thing to check is the starter solenoid.

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