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    Help starting 97 GP760 (parked for 3 yrs) long.

    Hi friends,

    My 97 GP 760 with less than 40 Hrs on it been sitting for 3-4 years in the garage. My 10YO girl finally asked me - Daddy does that thing work? Lets go to the lake!

    So I started working on it. I had Drained Gas last year completely. Here is what I have done:

    Pulled spark plugs and cleaned them. Filled 2 Gallond 93 octane fresh gas. Put in new battery.

    Before I put in battery, I jumped the ski with my boat battery. Instrument cluster dead. pulled blue code-reset harness, warning light came on. Once the mode button worked, I reset code to AAAA and I could get the starter to run (plugs fire good) but no start as is its getting no gas. Have not tried starter fluid yest.

    My issue right now is that after installing a brand-new battery, instrument cluster does not coem on when mode is pressed, also it will not crank at all like there is no battery. If i disconnect the blue harness, warning light does come on.

    Wha should be my next approach? Can I test the cluster somehow? or disable the code all togather so I can at least try to run the engine.

    I have also put in a teaspoon of oil in each sylinder. Someone suggested on this forum to also put a teaspoon of gas in each cylinder. I don't want to do that until Iget another opinion on this.

    Please help.

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    Did you try the starter button anyway? My dash doesn't come on sometimes until I press the starter button if it's been sitting for a long time.

    As far as what else you should do....

    I've had good luck with putting carb cleaner in the gas (I use a bottle of the cheap Walmart to about 10 gallons) and using starter fuild to start it and then go. I run it easy for a while and let the cleaner do it's job. Done this for a couple of summers now. I know it's not as smart as taking the carbs apart and cleaning them but I am not willing to spend the time or money doing it.

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    Dont be afraid to put some gas in there.
    Turn the motor over with the plugs out gas in the tank choke on and some oil down the plug holes.
    This lubricates the cylinder and will drain down into the crank case
    Make sure theres oil in the oil tank as well.
    Dont ever use starter fuid its bad stuff.
    Sometimes unpluging then pluging the fuse back in can help you get started.
    Turning the motor over lubes it and helps draw fuel through the system.
    When youve done this a few times (dont crank for a long time youl screw up your starter relay) mix a little gas with 2 smoke oil and put a little in the cylinder's put plugs back in and fire her up.
    You should pull the carbs and go through them even if she starts and runs.

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