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    I just spoke to the LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries

    They gave me a call just now and wanted me to go over some things with everyone.

    More than likely no wakes zones will still be in effect. We are asked to abide by all no wake zones due to the high water. There may not be posted no wake signs but anywhere there is a house or camp on the water is now considered a no wake zone.

    We plan to launch at the Amelia boat launch this year. You can run at speed from the launch but when you reach the train bridge you must slow down to an idle due to construction going on there. There are no wake buoys at this location.

    They understand we are here to ride and have a good time but we are asked to use common sense and ride respectfully. Don't use your ski to splash others or operate in a reckless manner.

    We are reminded that drinking and driving a PWC can result in a DUI and there is a mandatory 24 hour period that you will be held in the Parish jail.

    The Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries will be on patrol as will the Sheriff's Dept. Water Patrol. They are not there to harass us. They want all visitors to our state to have a great time but they also want to make sure everyone stays safe.

    I hope everyone has a safe trip. See you soon!

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    Hope you told Johnny Law it's all happenin' at Flat Lake.
    If you see a ski diving into the bush or hidding under a dock.....don't follow......get bail instead.

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    77's gonna be a handful of 200+ skis in the bayou for those guys to watch. Maybe we can bring them some bottled water and nice friendly waves as we stroll by.

    If we're nice, they'll be nice...hopefully.

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    They're really not asking for anything out of the ordinary - be polite and respectful, and don't drink on the water. I think we should all be able to handle that. Let's keep the party on land.

    Thanks for the info Jerry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    ...We are reminded that drinking and driving a PWC can result in a DUI and there is a mandatory 24 hour period that you will be held in the Parish jail...
    WOO HOO! Free room and board! More money for beer!

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