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    Red face Jetski RPMs going up, but ski not going?

    I have no education in this area at all, so please excuse my ignorance.

    I have a 2002 I think like 950 Kawasaki 3 seat jet ski. All i have ever done is put gas and oil in it (and grease trailer wheel bearings). On my last run last season, it would not go. I would push the gas, it sounded good, the RPMs gage looked as usual to me, but the jet ski was not no pushing power. Then a month ago, I had a friend with me that could possible give me a clue, but when put it in the water, it ran fine on that test. Took to water last week-end for 1/2 day run, and I it ran good, but I think I felt a couple of times that it wanted to hesitate when I pushed the gas to go.

    Any advise as to what I should check or what I may be tearing up by continuing to run the jet ski? Thanks...

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    Sounds like maybe trash in the pump intake? Any disturbance at all in the pump can cause major issues. Look at the very bottom of the ski and make sure there is nothing inside the pump water intake. Even grass or a rope around the prop will cause huge cavitation proplems.

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    Thank you so much for responding. I assume the pump intake will be that grate thing on the bottom of there ski where I think the water is sucked in. That is what I checked last Summer when it first happened and I brought it out of the water. I crawled up under the trailer and looked/poked around that grate thing, but found nothing. Then I looked at the back output hole thing thinking maybe something had gotten sucked up there somehow, but found nothing unusual.

    Is that grate thing under the ski what you are talking about?

    I'm a one year breast cancer survivor and am supposed to kinda stay out of the sun with this chemo stuff....but I absolutely LOVE the water and jetskiing, and I plan to continue on with my usual life's schedule as long as I can scape up enough energy to do so, so I want to try to keep my ski running.

    Anyway, any other clues as to what I should watch out for, I'm listening. Thanks again

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    Hesitation and cavitation are 2 different things, hesitation is from the engine itself and can be many different things. (fuel quality, carburetors, ignition, etc.) If you have never done so you REALLY need to replace the spark plugs! Not sure which ski you have but you can pull the spark plug off the engine and get the same part number that is on it now. (hopefully its an NGK already to make it easier for you) Post with the exact type of ski you have and we can help. (I'm guessing its a 900 ZXI?)

    Cavitation is caused from a restriction, blockage, air, etc. getting into the pump in your case. Its gonna be hard for someone on here to diagnose it without actually seeing it happen. Take it down to your favorite spot when there are a few other skiers around and ask them to help you, I can almost gurantee you they won't mind at least looking into it for you. (I have never met any skier that wouldn't)

    Yes the pump intake has the metal grate over it under the ski in front of the ride plate which covers the pump itself.

    SPF70 and you should be good to go as long as you reapply often!

    Keep us informed, theres plenty of people that are willing to help as much as possible on here.

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