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Thread: Trailer setup

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    Trailer setup

    What is the easiest way to setup a new trailer at home? Don't want to put the ski on and off at the lake.

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    Floor jack and some blocks of wood. I jacked the rear of the ski up just enough to move the bunks. Let it down and do the same in the front. I have sho and a fx ho . On a shorelander there is no problem doing it that way

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    Is the ski already on the trailer?

    On the trailer, you can hold the bow against the roller with the winch, and use a hydraulic jack with some wood to lift the ride plate a couple of inches.

    The bow roller should be able to hold the weight (make sure the bolts are tight), but don't lift the ski any more than needed to adjust the bunks. Do one bunk at a time, and keep you fingers clear!

    You can adjust the bunks to line up under the hull between the strakes, and lower it back down to test the fit.

    Hitch the trailer to your car so it cannot roll forward or back.

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    Awesome thanks for the help. I have a gpr and a shorelander trailer

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    I used the floor jack method when replacing the bunks under my fzs.

    A few tips. use a 2x4 about 8" long to put between jack and rideplate. Turn the 2x4 so it's facing left to right not front to back. Our first attempt was front to back on the wood and the ski teetered( i should've taken physics).

    Breaks all the bolts loose before you raise the ski. It's not easy or safe to reach in there between the ski and bunks and be wrestling around.

    Once you have the bunk bracket location set,tighten the bolts on the brackets to the crossbars. Leave the bunk bolts a little loose. That will allow you to make any last second adjustments as you lower the ski back down.

    Once the ski is settled down and you like the bunk angle, then tighten bunk bolts.

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    I just bought my first ski ,and trailer and was wondering as far as setup goes, isn't there some spec's out there that either the ski manufacture, or the trailer manufacture has to use for set up of ski to trailer? I have one 09 FZS on a double shoreland'r 2413 trailer and i'm pretty much just experimenting with the tongue weight and ski position to get it where i "think" it should be. Doing the math i have the tongue weight just over 100lbs (one ski) so i think i'm good to go there, it just would be nice to have the measurements for the FZS vs my model shore to simplify placement...but who said anything was easy right...guess i'm using to much logic here....
    Any advice for the newbie anyone?

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