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    Overheating @ Idle FXHO

    Newbe here with a strange (to me) problem.

    '06 FXHO with replacement engine 10 hrs. old.

    Previous owner tried to make it into a submarine enough to water lock the engine. I bought it from the dealer that did the replacement.

    Runs REAL good when moving but I have had the engine overheat warning come on 3 times.

    First time I had it on a boat lift with the intake submerged with the reverse half pulled to keep it steady for about 3 minutes and the warning came on.

    Second time floating with the same half pulled reverse in the middle of the lake. 3 minutes and it buzzed.

    I thought it was the half reverse that was causing it so stopped doing that.

    Yesterday I was refueling and the dock has a ramp to drive up on to get it out of the water. Killed it as soon as the intake left the water. Got gas. Pushed off back into water and was at no wake speed headed back out and after a minute of slow speed cruzin' the warning buzzer came back on.

    The first two times I let it completly cool before restarting it. The last time I went ahead and ran it (limp mode) for about 30 seconds and killed it. Buzzer came on again after I let it sit for a minute and so I ran it for another 30 seconds and killed it. Waited for 30 seconds and this time it fired up with no warning.

    I have noticed that the port pisser can't be seen at speed and it only spurts steam when idling.

    I can run it for an hour straight with no warning and it runs great.

    Thoughts on where to look?

    I noticed it has a quart of water in the bottom of the hull after I ride and the bilge pump may be draining off some while I ride. If a cooling hose is loose, I figured it would be more noticable at speed instead of idling speed???

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post FXHO questions but I did find the problem so I'll explain for other noobs lurking on here.

    Got the service manual and traced all the cooling lines down to the one between the flush Y and the oil cooler T. This is the hose that goes through the wall seperating the engine from the pump.

    The hose was pushed into the engine compartment to far causing the kink on the engine side.

    Hard to find since it runs under the starboard side of the engine. Long reach.

    Pushed the slack back into the pump side and now it pisses on the hose full blast and while idling.

    Hope this helps someone else with intermittent cooling probs.

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    grats on the ski, hope you get 100s of hrs of troublefree operation

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    Good find! My fathers old vx delux had a similar issue....just ended up being a kinked hose!

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