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    230 Wake Rear Facing Passenger Seat

    I am in the market for a 230 wake, 510hp. I am not a huge wakeboarder, but do wakeboard and ski often. The ballast option and tower seem a little overkill, but the exterior and interior color schemes are great, the stereo system sounds great- overall the boat is hot! Hate to seem like a poseur, but I hate the color schemes on the 230 challenger se, beige and burgandy are too conservative for me-lame!

    My problem with the boat is the rear facing passenger seat. With 510hp, I plan to do a lot of high speed runs. The idea of a passenger (or me) sitting sideways or backwards at 65mph does not sound so great.

    Wake owners, what is your experience with you or a passenger sitting in the rear facing seat? Is it annoying, inconvenient, and uncomfortable? Or do you learn to live with it?

    Would it be possible to cut the fiberglass and insert a swivel chair? Extreme I know, but for ~ $50k I should get exactly what I want.


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    I would love to hear what other owners experiances are with this too. This is the single and biggest issue for me on the boat. Its more a matter of not getting to have someone sit next to me. When we are out cruising now either the wife or one of my buds always sits across from me and we can talk etc. With the rear facing bench I fear no one will ever sit across from me when we are out cruising around. Kind of sucks.

    At this point its just something I've decided to compromise on. The compromise is for the very same reasons you stated for liking the wake model so much compared to the regular non wake models.

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    Wake owners opinions needed!!!


    Two guys with exactly the same situation. Wake owners please help us out!

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    hi, i`m not a wake owner but a very happy 09 challenger se owner with 510hp.

    great thread, this was the reason i went for the challenger!! just think of the priceless sunsets, you cruising along on the damn flat water, easy chill-out sound out of the great sterio, cool beer in the holder... a look to your left, holy shit!!! my date fell of her "chair"

    a no-go for me, and the passenger capten seat has been worth is already

    i have the tower option, ok, the color is one thing but with the salt as the main color its very easy to add some cool graphics.. overall the 09`s are just great.

    greez patrick

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    I hate the 230wake seats, I would buy one if it had a normal pass side seat. This is why I bought the 200wake.

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