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    07 Challanger Problem

    Every once in a while I put the boat in and there is serious cavatation problem from idle to about 5300rpm. Every time it happens I get into the water and check the grate and inside the jet nozzle only to find nothing. I hate to do it but when I gun it it breaks something free and goes. After that everything is fine for the rest of the day. What is this problem? Has it happened to anyone elese?

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    Is the once and awhile when the boat is full of people/gear?
    Will the engine spin up to 8K coming out of the hole?
    Maybe sc slip?
    Mine has done this from day one. "prop spin" to much boat for one screw.
    What does the wear ring look like?
    Check the motor mounts and carbon seal.
    Do you notice more water in the hull during that time?
    any mods? this info will help others help you out

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    I have no mods, I doubt it is the sc, and I never see any water in my hull, this weakend was the second time it happened it feels like realy bad cavitation. I've looked at my wear ring and it looks fine i only have 54hrs. The first time this happened was when it was brand new. We pulled it out of the water and found nothing, the only thing that seams to fix it is to give it full throttle.

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    I've been having the same issue in my 08. When it's happening I give the boat power and it feels like much more vibration than usual and tops out at under 15mph. I took it in after the first time this happened but the shop couldn't find anything wrong. It's since happened on multiple occasions and for some reason will usually improve once I turn the boat off for a few minutes. The boat is completely stock with a little over 50 hours. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Does the wear ring turn in the pump housing?
    Some have had the wear ring literally spin inside the pump. BRP has since redesigned the wear ring so it fits much tighter. The good is a wear ring that stays put. The bad is that it needs to be cut out as the freezer trick wont work anymore which also means no flipping over and reusing.

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    07 S200 just changed Wear Ring

    I just changed my wear ring. My boat had the new wear ring in it. I froze the pump assembly and no, the ring would not just come out. So I predrilled two holes in to the edge at 12 and 6 (Opposite each other) inserted two drywall screws, looped picture wire around the heads, creating a hoop, looped the hoop on my ball hitch and used the pump as a 'slide hammer' and pop!.....slid right out in 3 pulls. There is enough thickness to insert screws and maybe even flip the wear ring over.

    Just what I did. The new wear ring went in with alignment and a 2X4 and hammer. I did not remove my impeller.

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    What year did they change it to fit tighter?

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    I dunno what year, but if you go to buy a wear ring right now, it is a new part number.

    Old part number 267000105

    New Part number 267000372

    Just in case people are searching this thread the impeller tool is OEM part number 529035956 and a solas brand one is available that is essentially the same and is part number solas wr012

    You dont need to pull the impeller to change the wear ring.


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