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    96 sl900 buzz in electrical box

    When I press the start button all I get is a nasty buzz and vibration in the electrical box. I have checked the battery voltage, 13.7, and the ground connection. What could the problem be? What is the cdi and can that be bad? any help is appreciated.

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    Open the elec. box and try pressing the start button. You should here the solenoid relay click. (most likely the buzz you here)

    CAUTION: the wires will be live, so don't go poking around inside there with anything.

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    Click here for the service manual.

    13.7 volts is too high for a battery. Was the battery on a charger? A normal fully charged battery, that has been sitting, should be right around 12.5 volts (12.8 for AGM type).

    All diagnostic voltage measurements need to be made using a multi-meter, not the voltage display in the MFD.

    My guess is that you have a bad cable connection at one end of one of the heavy battery cables. Remove, clean and check both ends of both heavy cables. Pay special attention to the end that connects to the engine block.

    If that doesn't fix it, and you have confirmed the battery voltage remains above 10.5 volts when the start button is held down, there are additional checks you can do.

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    Thank you both.
    The voltage was from the MFD, I will check it with my Fluke meter tomarrow. The battery is on a trickle charger in the winter and is new from last summer. I will also check all heavy cable connections and let you know the results.

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