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    Newbie questions

    I am in the market for my first ski, and kinda fell into this deal. Two 2005 Yamaha VX110s with a double trailer for $6700. I don't know the hours on either unit. The owner said the batterys were not hooked up and he couldn't remember, supposed to be getting back to me soon with the hours. Anyway does this sound like a decent deal (assuming the hours are reasonable)?

    I have ridden many skis but have spent most of my time on a buddy's 800XLT. Is the VX110 similar in performance and ride?

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    Also anything in particular I should be looking for with this particular model (common problems, recalls, anything of that nature)?

    Thanks E

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    Thats a great price. Are they Sport or Deluxe models? Sport models don't have REVERSE or MIRRORS so thats something to keep in mind. Also they do not have a LOW RPM limiter knob. If they are deluxe models make sure to get the FOB for both. Make sure they werent rentals.

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