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Thread: 951 gasket

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    951 gasket

    Putting the exhaust back onto my 951, is there a place i should buy a gasket for the manifold or can i buy a gasket at napa and do a trace and cut?

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    You need to buy the OE gasket from a Sea Doo dealer.

    Be it for the manifold to cylinder or manifold to pipe those gaskets are crucial and a failure of either of them will destroy your engine.

    Do a search on 947/951 pipe installation. If that is not done correctly you will also have problems. If you prep the surface of the manifold and cylinder or pipe correctly (I use a flat block of wood with 80 grit sand paper and sand the crap out of it until I am sure it is flat) you do not have to put anything on the gaskets at all.

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    on gaskets that don't take much pressure or abuse that tactic is fine but I agree to get the oem exhaust gasket. It just saves you headaches down the road if done right to begin with.

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    +1 on checking 951 pipe install

    I'm not looking forward to the first time I'll have to deal with one of those, seems to be a real PIA. PPG has a nice writeup on how to get it on so it doesn't leak

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