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    ultra 250 wont go faster then 29 mph

    my buddy has an 07 ultra 250 and ran fine last year on the lake and the year before that when he bought. it has worked fine so far this year but last weekend we went up to the lake and went to start it up and go ride and it wouldnt go faster then 29mph. so we took it to the dealership and they said they would call when it was ready. they called later that day said it was ready and charged him $130 to put 4 new spark plugs in and said it would work like new. so we went and got it went to the lake this weekend started it up and it wouldnt go faster then 30mph. is there anything to check for before we take it back up and him spend an arm and leg for it?

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    I know stupid question but I gotta ask, are you using the orange key and not the yellow?

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    Did you notice what the boost and RPM where?

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    Even the slow key it should run in the 40's.
    Sounds like its in limp mode. Are there any codes fashing up?

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    Stale fuel maybe ????... just thinking if the simple stuff first

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    Isn't 29 mph normal?

    Juuuuuusssssttttttt Kidddding guys! Good luck finding the problem. Dealerships!!!! WTF!!They should apply that to the next visit as far as payment.

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    mine did that. it runs smooth but just real slow??? turned out to be main supercharge hose had popped off. the one on the intercooler. check it

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    nope we tried both keys, gas was no more then a week old id say, no codes were flashin, and we didnt check for the hose to the intercooler but when i see him later we can check and hopefully that is what it is. thanks

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    Maybe a stupid question, but is that 30 mph measured from the ski's speedometer, or from a GPS?

    Is it possible the speed sensor at the back of the ski got tweaked and is only reading 30 mph when the ski is actually going 60 plus mph? You guys know how accurate these things are.

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    buddy took it the the dealership before i could tell him and they said it was the hose. so thanks it helped but didnt get to it fast enough but thanks still

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