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    Trying to find OEM Depth Finder

    Would anyone know where I can find the OEM depth finder for a Genesis I, the one that plugs in and reads on the dash?

    I have tried searching for a couple of days and no luck.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    The Polaris 2872403 Depth Finder Kit seems to be hard to find.

    I don't know of any official online sources for Polaris Accessory parts
    Anybody else know who still sells Polaris Accessories?

    There is always eBay

    You could try calling some of the places that sell Polaris OEM parts, and see if they also sell the Polaris Accessories.

    Perhaps there is another depth finder module that can be substituted for the official Polaris unit?
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    I tried my local polaris dealer and they cannot get one either. Sometimes availability is different in Canada so I thought it was worth a try.

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    Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will have one laying around. Not a huge issue, just that we are on a new lake and would be nice until we figure out the areas.

    Anyone have any experience with the HawkEye D11s-b? Found one on ebay for $70.

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    Arrow Alternate Airmar P79 depth sensor instead of Polaris Polaris 2872403 Depth Finder Kit

    Did some digging today, and came up with the following

    The Polaris 2872403 depth sensor was made by Airmar Technology Corp. 603-673-9570

    According to Mark at Airmar, Polaris hasn't ordered a batch since 2000 or 2003. Normally, Airmar doesn't manufacture product unless the order is in the hundreds of units.

    The particular sensor built for Polaris is the Airmar 44-014-1 model. It uses the P76 housing type, and is a smart sensor. That means it has an electronic module inside, and it internally calculates the water depth from the echos of the 235Khz pulses it sends out.

    The Polaris unit appears to be sending the depth data back to the Polaris MFI using the NEMA 0183 communications protocol. This is a marine industry standard coding, which means we may be able to use a different NEMA 0183 depth sensor

    The connector that plugs into the Polaris MFI is a Deutsch DT04-4S connector. The pin connections are;
    1 - 12 volt power (red wire)
    2 - NEMA 0183 data into MFI (black wire)
    3 - Ground (clear/white wire)
    4 - Not connected

    The NEMA 0183 'sentences' that the Polaris branded sonar sensor outputs are DBT and DPT.

    Update: The Polaris MFI display only cares about the DBT sentence ($SDDBT, Depth Below Transducer), since it contains all the necessary depth information in feet, meters, and fathoms.
    RS-232 signal is 4800 bps, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (NMEA 0183 standard)
    5 volts + signal level

    DBT sentences must arrive every two seconds or faster, otherwise the MFI switches sonar mode off and ignores the NMEA messages.

    With MFI awake, press and hold buttons 3+4 until Sonar ON message appears. This also powers up pin 1 on the 4-pin Deutsch connector.

    The DBT sentences must begin arriving with 2 seconds of pin-1 powering up, every time the MFI wakes up.

    According to my source at Airmar, the Airmar P79-235-0 might be a suitable replacement for the Polaris depth sensor. It outputs NEMA 0183, but it may come with a different connector on the end of the cable. This is not a problem, since we know the Deutsch DT06-4S connector and pin connections we need.

    If I have time tomorrow I will contact Gemeco Marine Accessories , which is the distributor for Airmar, at 843-210-7000 and inquire about supply of the P79-235-0 depth sensor.

    Update: I called Gemeco, and the list price on the Airmar P79-235-0 is $265.28
    Dealer pricing would be less, and Gemeco has distributors and dealers in both USA and Canada.
    The Airmar P79-235-0 is a standard inventory item, which any Airmar/Gemeco distributor/dealer would be able to order.

    I suspect that other brand depth sensors (or depth sounders) that output NEMA 0183 DBT sentences at 4800 baud would also be compatible with the Polaris MFI (PN 3280292). This MFI was stock on the 1999-2001 Genesis, but can be fitted to any Virage or Genesis model that has an MFI display. It also has a Compass feature.

    To round out the information, here are all the Polaris MFI variations. The MFI version with the most features is listed first, the least features listed last;
    MFI 3280292 has the built-in Compass and Deutsch connector for Depth display, PERC electric reverse position indicator
    (1999-2001 Genesis Ficht, 1999-2000 Genesis carb'ed)

    MFI 3280371 has Compass, PERC reverse display and apparently Deutsch connector for Depth display
    (2002-2004 Genesis Ficht, 2001-2002 Genesis carb'ed))

    MFI 3280370 has PERC reverse display (depth connector missing?)
    (2001 Virage TXi only?)

    MFI 3280365 does not have Compass, Depth or PERC reverse display
    (2001-2004 Virage, 2002-2004 Virage i, 2001-2002 Virage TX, 2002 Virage TXi)

    Airmar P79 Installation instructions

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    thanks for the info on this, I'll do a bit of digging and see what I can come up with. Not a huge deal but I would like to keep from adding another display piece if I don't have to.

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    Contact John Zigler and see if he has one laying around. Great guy and has more polaris stuff then anyone I know.

    John Zigler
    Rock County Jet Ski
    608-743-1305 m-f CST
    please email;

    Please see our WEB SITE -

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    Found this. Hope it helps someone out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post

    Found this. Hope it helps someone out.

    Thanks Byran.

    That is indeed the same depth sensor discussed earlier.

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    I have a 2002 Genesis i and the MFI is a 3280371 and it does have the connection for the depth sensor on the left side. It has a dummy plug in it from the factory. Also, the protocol you were referring to I believe is actually NMEA 0183 (correct me if I am wrong). It transmits data via ASCII typically at a bit rate of 4800. So essentially, the puck or sensor if you will, has a modem built into it along with other electronics to transmit the data to the MFI which only acts as a display for the data sent.

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