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    2001 GTS low RPM miss

    I rebuilt my 2001 GTS 717 last summer and had rough idle problems initially. I pulled the filter in the carb and found it pretty dirty. I cleaned the filter and the rest of the carb, and my idle problems went away, however I still have a problem I haven't been able to solve. When starting out from a stop, I hear sputtering, or popping, sounds like it is missing. Then I get up to a higher speed and it smooths right out. When I slow back down out of WOT, the same thing happens again.

    Plugs are new, fuel system is clean. Not sure where to go from here?

    Thanks for your help.

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    lately we have been having a problem with oil making them run rough lower end. your jetting or fuel mixture can be off so when it gets to higher rpms its burning the complete fuel off instead of backfiring.

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    Are you sure its running wrong?? 2 strokes have a normal miss and sputter that happens from about 1/4 throttle to half. The older ones are worse because of the lack of accelerator pumps on the carbs.

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    You want perfect fuel metering and smooth running engine you will have to turn to a Fuel injected 4 stroke

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