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    Seadoo Vs. Yamaha

    Living right next to the beach I hear alot of different things about each ski and would like to know from the experts!

    I've already searched the forums so if it has already been asked I'm sorry.

    I keep hearing that Seadoo is better for saltwater due to the Closed Loop Cooling System but I am also hearing that is worse than just a regular Ski... and that Seadoos break down more.

    I am hearing that Yamaha is better due to the fact it doesn't have a CLCS and that they are easier and cheaper to maintain and you don't have to do it as much.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you so much

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    They both break if you ride hard....just stay up on your maintenance and you will be fine with either ski...i have a yamaha and a kawasaki and both have broken parts from time to time.

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    My short reply...which I am sure will piss off a few.

    You want to ride, or repair your machine.


    Yamaha ................Sea Doo.

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    Welcome to the forum Mainframe,
    I used to have SeaDoo`s, and at a time when the superchargers clutches were junk. (04) a lot of SeaDoo owners have dealt with this issue from either a complete tear down when the clutches explode to replacing them before it happens. The 2 most important thing that were in my mind while riding my ski, repaired as it may, was another SC issue or the timing chain snapping at speed...

    because of these issues and long down times I switched brands and went yamaha, GP1300R to be exact.
    2 very different machines, 4 stroke VS 2 stroke. I opted for the simplicity of the 2 strokes and most repairs are easily remedied.

    All of my machines and gear are well taken care of and kept in great condition, so this is not the case of mis-handling or lack of maintenance.

    true there are quite a few good running machines out there. You just have to take care of them well...

    also read up on your maintenance requirements for the models you are interested in. and also inquire about the costs.

    Seadoo SC rebuild $$$, rebuild engine bc of SC failure $$$$`s...

    fact: If I had known about the inherent SC issues of the seaDoo I would have looked elsewhere earlier on... the dealers don`t tell you anything and most salesperson don`t really know, they will in fact tell you their machines are faster and do 75+ out of the box...LOL...

    Happy shopping, you have a lot to read about, you also should sit on each machine and test if possible, ask many questions and it will save you $$$ in the long run...

    you have to be comfortable and choose what best suits your riding style...
    The new yamaha line up has proven to be quite the contender, the new FZR and FZS, SHO models are pretty quick...

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    My local Sea Doo dealer keeps almost no parts in stock and in the summer is always 30 days behind on repairs.

    my Kawi dealer keeps more Sea Doo parts in stock and has never had my boat for more than 5 days.

    my local yamaha dealer.... I have never been their my 2000 GPR1200 failed at (5 years)250 hours and I fixed it myself with parts on-line

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJJer View Post
    My short reply...which I am sure will piss off a few.

    You want to ride, or repair your machine.


    Yamaha ................Sea Doo.

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    this sucks

    rxp gp 1300 had great luck with all 4 of my 05 gtx rxt rxp hydroed my rxp need another fast what to do did not even know about sc on doos till a mounth ago. all my sc have 140 hrs pluse

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    safer bet is going to be the Yammi imo theres a reason they call em sea poos jk. they both make goods ski's maybe stay away from 1st year models and that gives them time to work out the kinks. also consider your riding conditions and if it's more ocean riding probably advantage to Yammi and same for Sea Doo on the lakes or flat water, good luck with your purchase and let us know what u end up with and how you like it

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    Yamaha makes better quality products, maybe not the fastest or best performing but they win on quality. For example, where Seadoo uses plastics parts Yamaha uses metal. Only downside is Yamaha no longer has a true 2 seater.

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    I can base my experience on only one of my friends has a sea-doo. It's an RXP-X and he has gone with us (4 Yami's usually) one time. He broke and had to be towed in. Yamaha: one had something in his driveline break once awhile back out of about 20 trips he went with us. So....I can say that in my experience:
    Yamaha: 4yamis * 20trips /1breakdown *100= 1.25%
    Seadoo: 1seadoo/1trip *100=100%

    Yamaha's break 1.25% of the time.
    SeaDoos break 100% of the time.

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