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    Will a GP760 Motor fit a GP1200 Hull?

    I have a running 97 GP760, but the hull is shot and needs to be replaced. I have access to a 99 GP1200 hull, but didn't know if it was possible to move the guts of the 760 over to the 1200 body?

    I spoke to a local Yamaha mechanic who didn't think it would be an easy transition since the 1200 is a bigger block, however, looking inside the hull of my 760, it appears to have mulitple holes for engine mounting brackets, so I expect some flexibility there. As long as I keep the coupler in the same exact spot on the ski, I think it may work.

    I was planning on taking detailed measurements on the two boats to compare, but wanted to check here first to see if anyone knows or has had any luck swapping between these two models?


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    yes, it works, need everything though to do it, pump lines are different but easy to route

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    Thanks for the response. The 1200 ended up being a 97 as well and the hulls look to be identical, so I'm going through with that plan. The 760 is a complete unit, so I should have all the parts.

    We'll see how it goes.

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    what about motor mounts? do they match up?

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    The 2 boats appear to be identical in terms of the hull and there are mounting rails that run down each side of hull which are predilled for engine mount brackets, so the necessary flexibility is there too.

    I've pulled the guts from the 1200 and will need to pull the same from the 760 next and move that to the 1200 hull. So far it hasn't been too bad, but will require the move of all cables/hoses, but that just takes time.

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    Finally, something I am sure of: YES, the 760 will fit into the 1200 hull! They are the same hull, identical. Yamaha uses the same hull for each one, even the 800. The reason for the "rails" and pre-drilled holes is just that, to put different motors into the hull. Whomever you spoke to at Yamaha is a dumbass! Have fun and take pics of the transition and post them here, I would like to see it.

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    I'm actually almost through with the project now, but ran into 2 issues that I need to get resolved before the ski can be back on the water.

    1. Drive shaft not lining up with splines in the bearing housing, and
    2. Can't remove exhaust tank from rear of the 1200.

    As it was advised earlier in this thread, the boats are the same physically, but all of the guts are different, and by "all" I've found out that it means basically everything except the decals need to be swapped out. I've moved the throttle and choke cables, the intake water lines, the gas lines, the complete electrical, the oil tank (same size but my original was better), the impeller, the drive shaft, the pump, the intake, the intake grate, and even the water line which discharges from the side of the hull.

    This has been a fun project, but every time I think the worse is behind me, I come across something else. Something as stupid as different diameter water hoses between the units, which I understand is required because of the different engine sizes, but it was still a pain.

    The exhaust has me confused now. The exhaust tank (inside battery section of rear hull) is a different size between the 2 hulls, and has a different size opening for the exhaust tube. The smaller tank on the 760 came out with ease, but I am unable to remove the tank from the 1200 in the same manner. I don't want to remove the divider wall, so unless I can figure out something else, I think I need to get creative with my sawzall, which I hate to do inside a boat like this. I did buy a rubber 4" -> 3" reducer coupling used for plumbing, which I was able to get connected to each pipe accordingly, but then it makes the exhaust sit about 2" too far forward. I may try to trim that adapter and the other hoses to make that tank work, unless there are any other ideas?

    The motor, bearing assembly, shaft impeller and intake assembly were moved from the 760 to the 1200. The impeller fits into the bearing just fine when the intake is removed, but once the intake is in place, I can't get the impeller to seat inside the bearing. I think the bearing may just be off center a little, which becomes a problem once the intake assembly is in place. I need to loosen or remove the motor mounts again to effectively reposition the bearing, but I don't think I have a choice there. I also found the foam gasket that is recessed between the bearing assembly and the hull body failed to get put back in place before it was reinstalled. I guess that's what happens while still working on it at 3:00am.

    I gave up for this weekend, but hope to have it on the lake next weekend sometime.

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    You can get the water box out, it's hard but I have taken mine out before. You may have to cut some styrofoam. Try spraying WD-40 or anything that will make it slippery.

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    yeah the waterbox comes out. Also, the engine should be the last thing installed. Get the pump, driveshaft etc, all in and mount the engine LAST! Make sure you hook the battery cables and bottom water line up before you drop the engine in, or it's very ahrd to do! Good luck and take your time.

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