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Thread: gtx di issues

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    gtx di issues

    I need some imput? I don't know what to do next. I have a 01 gtx di. It went in to maintaince mode. I ran the on board diagnostic and it came up as the magnet is bad in the key or it is not reconized. Yhe ski will crank and run. I took it to the dealer and they got the same thing with no other codes. We replaced the post switch,and key to rule that out. and it would not clear the codes. Still the same thing. replaced the MPEM $$$. Cranked it up and the code came right back.. the other thing is it's running rough and the spark plugs are black. Any imput would be apreseated. thanks

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    voltage regulator?had a 02 did almost same things.

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    thanks I will have not tested it yet. I replaced it last year.

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    Is there a test in the book for the regulator? I need to test mine too and my book is not on this PC.

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    when my regulator went out the first time it was blowing fuses left and right. are you getting a code????

    I unpluged my regulator ran the ski and got the alarm for not charging. If i let the ski sit for 5 min and run the on board dionostic the fist time I do not get the code. if I run it again the code is back for the lanyard. Still getting the flashing maint with a red light????? Any body has any sugestions?????

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