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    Fenders for RXT-IS

    Hi folks, do you have a good fender type to suggest to me for a RXT-IS 2k9? It needs to fit in the sea-doo compartement.


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    I went down to the $ store and bought one of the "noodles". They are approx 3" in diameter and have a hole down the middle. You can "customize" the length. I then went to my local HD and picked up some 2' velcro cable straps that fit through the slots under the handlebars. This gives you a bunch of flexiblility as far as height. As short lenght of nylon rope down the center of the noodle seals the deal. The noodles collapse in the rear and preform as bumpers.

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    There really is not place to store bumpers on the IS skis. The storage is minimal.

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    The stock bumpers work

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