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    Polaris SLH 700 Low RPMs and idle issues

    Everyone here has been a tremedous help throughout my project SLH 700. But now here is yet another problem I'm having - any help is appreciated. Here's would I've done. Top end rebuilt, updated electrical system, new plugs, block off kit (premixing). Ski started and ran ok in the driveway on the water under a load the RPMs would not go much higher then idle and it ran about 3 mph. I little frustrated, I took it to a man doing business out of his garage. He rebuilds the carbs and now it has good top end and it hard to start and it bogs out when you give it full throttle at once. Now you can feather through the low RPM and it will scream at higher RPM. The mechanic is stupped. I'm having him change out all the grey fuel lines, check the timing and reed valves. Does anyone have any other ideas.


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    I have a 99 doing the same thing.. I rebuilt the carbs put it in the water and found you have to choke it, feather it to get it up to idle.. There is no high speed adjustment on mine only low. specs i found said 5/8 of a turn out for idle, but so far i have mine 1-1/3 to get it to idle and go.. It isnt your fuel lines. But dosent hurt to go there.. I know I missed something inside.. Needle and seats were worn pretty bad and mine, didnt soak them. But wife was on my but and wanted to ride sooooo... He could have your adjustments screwed follow the book... Let me know if you get yours done, I am going to order the proper parts.. and build them right.. will let you know the results..

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    Still nothing good

    Not having much luck. My certified backyard machanic has given up on the ski. He charged me $305.00 to rebuild the carbs, replace fuel lines and some odd and ends and could not figure this out. I took it out on the water and just like he said I could feather through the low RPMs and as soon as I got the RPMs up the ski would perform great. I didn't go to full throttle due to the break in of the piston and rings. Now today I took it out and nothing the ski again would not throttle up it idled fine and would not go more then 3mph # 2800 RPMs. Took it out of the water, started it up and it reeved up no problem. I'm really at a loss, don't no what more I can due. I guy who rebuilt the carb is positve everything there is ok. Any suggestions. Not sure if the SBT break in oil which I probably went a little rich is effecting the performance. I have a 1/4 tank left, thinking of mixing suggested ratio and added 5 gallons and see what it does.


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    He ya tried using the choke to get past the bog? Does the choke help?

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    the choke will just kill the engine. Choke doesn't work in this case. Only when starting.

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    Dude it's in the carbs. I would almost bet he didn't clean them correctly. I pulled mine down again today bit the bullet and tore them down. Replaced the needles, springs. Cleaned them the right way, set the low speed jets at 1/2 fron bottom. Took it to the lake and road all day no problems.. We had the same issue.. Trust me, you dealt with a person who didnt know what he was doing.. If you must do it yourself.. I post a link to the manual if I can find it..

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    Oh and it's chapter 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvnitup View Post
    Oh and it's chapter 3
    There is also another good carb rebuild guide here.

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    You say you adjusted the Low Speed adjustment 1/2 turns from bottom and it ran fine. I thought it was suppose to be 1 7/8 turns. But I'll try that. Would you suggest that I rebuild the carbs with new kits or just disassemble and reclean?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Bogging issue

    Played around with the ski today and noticed that when at idle and removing the rear spark plug wire the ski had no hesitation when I removed the front spark plug wire the ski shut down. I switch the plug wires and again the same thing. I switched out the spark plugs and the same thing. Each time the the ski ran on the front cylinder alone, it even reeved up - hell I thought it sounded good even though it was running only on the frontcylinder. So, inconclusion I think the rear carb is not performing. What is your opion.

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