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    RXP Advice Needed !


    I have a 2006 RXP i have owned the ski from new and bought it with zero hours from the main dealer at the end of 2007.

    When i got the ski i replaced the SC washers with the RIVA stainless upgrade. Its now on 22 hours, is there any other week points i.e. supercharger bearings that MUST be replaced to stop engine dameg should they fail?

    Ive read a few people talking about bearing replacments to stop bits dropping into the engine???

    All comments much appreciated as i want to a keep the ski running sweet.


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    I'm running an 06 RXP with stage 1-2 mods. I have 250 hours on my ski. Change oil often replace washers in S/C. Keep it inside when possible, keep it clean, ride like HELL!

    Oh I did just change out carbon seal on driveshaft with Skat Trac seal!

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