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    Question '99 GP1200 - Newbie Looking for Advice

    I have re-posted this in the Old School Skis section where it should be.

    I've got a '99 GP1200 that's really clean and low hours (~65). Only problem is that the oil line for the center cylinder came loose at the pump and I didn't know it until it shut down. Apparently the overtemp sensor kicked in, because it died like pulling the kill switch. When I opened it up I saw the oil in the bottom of the hull. No more injection for me, but hindsight is always 20/20.

    The compression on the two outside cylinders is around 105 psi, but the center is 55.

    I'm thinking of taking this repair on as a pet project, but I've never done anything on this big of a scale. Seems like it could be a fun project and I'm not in any hurry. I'm just wondering if there is any sort of guide available for this kind of thing. Starting from what needs to be done to assess the damage all the way through the rebuild process. Am I looking at just a piston replacement, a whole top end, or what? Any advice or guidance? What should I do first? This rookie could use some good advice. Thanks!
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