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    250 Pump Maintanace

    so looking up at my impeller today I see there are some pretty big dings and cuts on the leading edges. I figured as much because I sucked up a rock recently. I have searched the topic and guess I need to send it to impros. Do I just send them the whole pump? Should I have them do all the bearings/seals etc. Can someone who has done this tell me whats involved so I know what to expect. Also seems there is a debate over letting them do the wet vs stock grease in the pump cone. Which should be done for a rec rider? About how much should all this cost? I have 87 hours on ski.

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    I have simular question. I just purchased a 2007 Ultra 250X with a problem in the pump, the previous owner sucked some rock into the pump and now the prop is so bent that the pump is cavatating and will not reach more than 50 mph at WOT. I would like to do the work myself as I have been working on watercraft for several years, although they have all been Yamahas. This is my first Kawasaki. Does anyone know where to download a service manual for this ski, also does anyone have any tips on pump and prop removal?

    Sorry Red08Ultra250 to hijack your thread but I just read it and you were asking about the same problem as I am having.


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    I would just send the whole pump to Impros, do bearings and all, plus he can flow your pump for you and get an exact fit for the prop and housing, if you search my Go Green Project Thread it has the prices listed in there, you dont want to have a pump failure, trust me......IMO I wouldnt have the Wet Mod done unless you are going to pull your pump quite often and check things....again thats just my opinion..........

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    Also have impros bend the prop to their "stg 2" spec. I believe its 13/21. Gives a little more speed on the top end.

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