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    Storage Removal Question For 05 RXP (dry start)

    A friends of mine is potentially purchasing an 05 RXP with 48 hours on it. It would appear from the "state boating sticker" it has not been rode since the end of 2007. We have no idea if it was fogged when stored. It is being purchased in an estate sale so he has limited or no access to the owners. It's cheap!
    He has the ability to run the ski before purchase, should he spray Bombardier lube into the cylinders before he starts it or remove the plug wires and turn the engine over a couple of times before he actually starts it? I would have to believe as long as it has potentially set that the cylinders are completely dry of and lubrication. He is concerned about the dry start incase he finalizes the purchase. Thanks for the help!

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    Pull the plugs and use one full can of fogging spray between all 3. Leave the plugs out and bump over engine. You can prevent fuel and accidential start by holding throttle in wide open position while bumping over engine with starter. I'd bump over several times like this before I put plugs back in. Then once you get plugs back in bump over again in wide open throttle position. Then I'd fire it up, might want to change gas/oil soon!

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    Thanks, that's about what I was thinking. We don't know how long it set. Oil looks clean but I can help him change it. The fuel tank looks bone dry which may be a good thing. It has been stored in an enclosed basement with a dehumidifier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirates81 View Post
    Pull the plugs and use one full can of fogging spray between all 3. Leave the plugs out and bump over engine
    stop right here

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    Bump the engine by wrapping bicycle inner tube on the drive shaft. get a monkey wrench or a channel vice grip and try to move the shaft. The bicycle inner tube will prevent scratches on the drive shaft. If you can rotate the driveshaft freely without binding.....she's a keeper if there is binding and the shaft does not want to move....Houston.....we have a problem . I do this on all engines that I don't know all the history, on how long they sat, etc,etc,etc.... Imagine a fully charge 12 volt battery and a sleeping starter trying to wake up an engine in deep sleep ....It's like calling Nils at 3:00 in the morning and asking him.....Dude....are ya awake? That starter, against a potential stuck motor.....somethings gotta give Yeah...I know my avatar sucks, don't even go there

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    There could also be a problem if the intake wasn't removed and the valves wern't lubed. If the stem got rusty, he may break a valve head off in a few hours. There's no way to tell without pulling the head. This was a big problem in the '04s and I remember a few '05s with the same problem. Then, there's the question about the condition of the ceramic washers... Ron

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