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    Light to medium Chop riding issues

    05RXT, stock prop, grate, intake. Runs great!But when I encounter chop, even slight (about 1 foot or so) it feels as if the prop jumps out of the water, then back in, etc, etc, etc. Kind of reminds of a clutch catching, slipping, slipping, catching, etc upon load. Or perhaps I can explain it by saying it feels as if the prop pushes air, then water, then air again...


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    In chop that heavy,that is probably EXACTLY what is happening.......
    Removing the OPAS will help with control,and if you put a Riva grate on it will help some,but when the hull leaves the water,you WILL cavitate the pump........

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    Your best solution for the chop will be opas block-offs and a top-loader style intake grate. The grate will keep the pump loaded better and reduce the ammount the pump comes unhooked.

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