I spent a little time reading up on wear ring replacement before I dove in tonight and I have an item I did not see for those replacing your plastic ring.

Well, first off you can do it in 11 bolts... until you have to remove the two upper ring retainer screws under the bilge passage tubes. So make it 15 bolts and you're out.

get a 1/8 inch drill bit and measure the depth of the retainer screws and mark it off on the drill bit for depth. Drill a starter hole once you've set the ring in place for each of the retainer screws. Do this and then screw in each screw until snug at the same time spinning your impeller. If you start to get resistance, go back and drill a little more (just a hair) and try again till you have the screws snug and they are not warping the shape of the ring. I have read here in a few places where the poster said they had snugness and the ring was bulging in the upper and lower parts. This is the result of not prepping the plastic to receive the retainer screws.

Well all in all it went well. My old ring had chunks taken out of it. Probably from rocks or whatever. I am looking forward to a better run this weekend.

DJ out