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    97 sppedster jet boat does one of my engines need to be idle up some?

    I just got my sea doo speedster back from sea doo When I would throw both throttles wide open it wouldnt go but 10mph it was a exhaust came loose from one of the engines. Well got it today it runs good now but the left throttle for the left engine I can pull it down all the way and that engine cuts off then I have to crank it back up. Well the right throttle I can pull down all the way and it stays about 2000 rpms but the one that cuts off its gets to 1.5 or 1000 rps and cuts off

    right engine with throttle all the way down stays 2000 rps the left engine throttle all the way down goes to 1000 rps cuts off so for now when i pull down to wake the left throttle has to be pushed up a little to keep running. So do you think the left engine needs to be idle up a little higher than what it is now????


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    Idle should be set the same on both engines, around 1500 when in the water which is about 3000 on trailer without a load. Find the idle adjustment that should be a screw that touches a stop on the cam that the cable attaches to.

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