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    wtb 12 pin display

    just got a 2000 pro -display dont work.fuse was blown replace the fuse still dont work,i have 12 volts at the purple and red wire to the display i think the display is bad smells like it was hot at one time any body have a good one? keith 6103926065

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    The 12-pin oval MFD is rather rare, only used on a few models.

    You can adapt the 8-pin MFD to your 12-pin wiring with the Polaris 2460772 adapter, which can be purchased from Watcon.

    All MFD functions will work the same.

    Make sure you buy a 'fast trim' MFD, to match the faster trim motor on the Pro models.

    P.S. If you are willing to mail me your dead MFD, I am interested in doing some forensics to see what is failing in them.

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