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    Yamaha vx cruiser vs. Kawasaki 15f

    I am a first time buyer and I can't decide which would be the best ski for me. I was looking at the 2009 yamaha vx cruiser and the Kawasaki 15f. I was looking for some feedback on which would be the better pick.

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    Welcome to GH.

    well, this is the How to section so your thread will probably be moved.

    As for your choice, both are great rec skis. I think that the Kawi has room to grow if you plan on any upgrades. If not, the VX seems to be the ski of choice for rental companies everywhere I look. Im guessing cost vs reliability are factors there.

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    VX 110's are dogs. The 15F will be just as reliable as they yamaha, you can do a few mods to get it to mid 60's, the holeshot on the 15F is increadable! I'd get the Kawi, and donít look back! If you can afford a brand new one do that. If not, you can find used low hour Kawi's for a good price. I've got 161 hours on mine, and have changed the oil a couple times, plugs once, and pump bearings. Other than that it runs EVERY time I take it out! Raced it a few times, ran some closed course races as well. Itís a really good ski for the money!
    VX 110's are slow. Like the 12FÖThe 15F will be a little more of a performance ski.

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