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    Grease Gun Adapter

    Where can I get a Polaris grease gun adapter? I tried SPX but they won't sell Polaris tools to you unless you are a dealer.

    2871174 GREASE GUN ADAPTER To grease most drive shaft couplers and carrier bearing/ seal housings. Non bonded Couplers

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    You should be able to buy the tapered nipple grease nozzle for your grease gun from any well stocked industrial supply house. It is a 'small' size, but it is available.

    I think it looks something like this;

    Many guys have removed the stock tapered grease fitting, and installed a standard Zerk grease fitting.

    Just get a Zerk with the correct thread pitch. This was discussed a while back

    The only issue with using a Zerk fitting is that you must be careful not to let anything snag on the spinning Zerk fitting.

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    Thanks K, I will look for one of those. I guess Polaris doesn't want guys working on their own machines.

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