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    Angry Why not to jump a polaris msx

    I have a 2004 Polaris msx 150 that someone decided it would be a good idea to jump it with their car. It ran beautifully all last summer and now cant get it to start. Initially upon hitting start I got nothing. I found and replaced a 30 amp stator fuse and a 15 amp battery fuse with no such luck. Then I ended up jumpering the starter solenoid and it now turns over but will still not start. If anyone has any suggestions on possible diagnostics I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals.

    There are a few people around here that know the Weber engines. It might take a while for them to pass by, so be patient.

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    Thanks for the advice. From what I have been told this ski is pretty much a nighmare and not to even invest any money into it. but hopefully I can salvage it.

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    Can you give us a run down on the what happened? Was it put away working and fronted up with a flat battery? You tried starting jump starting it and now it does not work or have you been working on it?
    All the advisers (opinionated people like me) will need a starting point to start the trouble shooting without you getting to frustrated.

    Scan the Manual, charge up the battery and let us know what you know.

    These ski's are not a nightmare, with a little TLC these are a great reliable marvel of modern engineering
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    Does the instrument panel work or does it just flicker for a second when you activate it?

    Check for a good ground at the motor stud located on the intake manifold. There should be 3 cables attached to the stud.

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    electrical nightmare

    No thats whats weird. It started and ran excellent last year. I actually let a buddy use use it a couple days ago when this happened and he couldnt get it started, so he decided to jump it when it was just a bad battery. It was turning over and was ok just lack of battery juice until it was jumped. I replaced the battery and at that point when I put the lanyard in the stop button I got absolutly nothing upon trying to start it, not even the solenoid clicking, beeps or nothing. I have no voltage at the signal wire to the starter solenoid once the start button is engaged. With jumper wires on the starter solenoid I can engage the starter and it turns over but it will not start due to no spark. The instrument panel does nothing even momentarly as it did flicker when I started it before. I checked ground, Battery voltage of new battery is 12.7 volts and all wires at terminals are in place. I did find and replace a 30 amp stator fuse and 15 amp battery fuse that didnt help with starting. The instrument panel did smell fried once I took it out to check it, but cant get to the internal boards since it is a sealed unit.
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    When you changed the battery you did not leave any wires off? I have seen one of the earth wires connected to the battery instead of the engine block. These can be missed.

    Hope you have not fried the ECUMake sure the lanyard switch is working (simplest first) The SIFB (systems interface box) may have given up? this is what shuts down the entire system automatically once you stop the engine. It also wakes up the system once the starter button is pressed. There is a way to bypass this for test purposes, I believe (someone may be able to chime in here) I do a search and post it if i find it.

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    Ya I was kinda going for the possibility of the ECU being shot. I did find another one that I ordered for$600.00 compared to the local polaris dealers $1200.00 Just so in case. The SIFB I did not check or even think about. If you could find a way to test that It would be appreciated. I have not seen anything even about that.

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