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    2006 Kawasaki 12 F (HELP)

    A friend borrowed my jet ski, and I am now finding out that he flipped it in the water, and it took him like 30 minutes to get it flipped back over. What precautions should I do, the only thing I have done was filled it back up with oil. What steps should I take next? Dealership and tell them what happened?


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    Does it run? Does the oil look milky like there is water in it?

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    filled with oil...? What have you done to ski so far...?

    I mean these things can be flipped, not sure on the whole story here...if you ingested water thats a different story...was it run after being flipped...?....any issues?

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    He told me that it was out of oil when he got it back up on the trailer. He went and got some oil and filled it back up, he started it but said it sounded rough. There is no water on the dip stick.

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    it has only been ran for a few minutes with the water hose hooked up. I was planning on changing the oil and filter, and putting new plugs in it and taking it out to the lake to test it, but wasnt sure what actually needed to be done.

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    I would personally drain oil completely, refill to proper level, gonna want to check the plugs, then I guess I would try and start/run it.........

    not sure on where the oil went though....did it drain it at proper level now or is it way too full?

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    so he flipped it and then it was out of oil? Something sounds off here. Tell your friend to tell you exactly what happened. Need more info

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    He had flipped it on the lake, had a boat pull him in with it upside down, and then he flipped it back over. After he loaded it and got it home, he checked the oil and it was empty, so he filled it up to the proper level, hooked a hose up to it, and started it up, it runs but he said it sounded rough. I am headed down tomorrow to change the oil and filter along with the plugs and go from there. Any suggestions would be great, i will update you guys tomorrow afteroon.

    thanks for your time and help!

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    I'll just wait for the update...but I think thats where you need to start...

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    The question is if that is true what the he11 was he doing for 30 minutes is he a 70 lb guy. These were designed with flipping in mind so I am not sure after 30 minutes of being upside down. As was stated you need to find out what exactly happened. It sounds like maybe he ingested water drained the oil and filled it back up so you wouldn't notice. I have some good friends but none of them are going to come and get my ski and ride it without me. I don't even let them ride it alone with me. Was this salt water or fresh? if salt I would get some of the salt away and really give it a good bath.

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