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    01 GTI Exhaust leak

    Friend of mine has a 01 GTI and the head pipe on the exhaust has stung a leak tryed to fix it but nothing has worked and Im trying to find him a new head pipe but he doesnt what size motor is in it and Im a yamaha guy so.. anyhelp would be great it is a 2cylinder and the common motor size around here seems to be the 720. They have several exhaust systems on ebay for the 720 for cheap and in GC but most of them are from older 90s skis?!? and claim to match up with the 650-580 motors.. Is it the same as yamaha were most of the stuff is interchangable?

    Thanks for the help

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    It is a 717 (aka 720).

    On that model I am thinking that the pipe is type specific. The GS had the exact same pipe that year.

    I have only seen two types of 717 pipe. One with two mount holes and the pipe is split before the expansion chamber (the split is where the clamp is) and one with a single mount hole and the split is after the expansion champer.

    The GTI has the type with a single mount so any of those like that should fit. There is some interchange amoung the 587-657-717 engines so you may find that they fit but you will want to check it before buying, of course. A 95 GTS with a 587 has a very similar looking pipe but the part number is different. This does not always mean anything with SD, though.

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