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    Help!!!! kaw 1200 fuel

    I have a kaw 1200 stx-r. I'm not getting fuel to the gas filter. I did the following things

    turned the power on pumped the throttle (no gas can up)
    checked the gas cock (ordering a new one) Were is the best place to get on?
    Made sure that the hose from the gas cock to the fuel filter was not clogged

    Help please. Don't know what to check next.

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    The 1200 has a pulse opperated fuel pump. Opening the throttle wont cause it to sqirt gas it doesnt have a accelerator pump. Try putting a little fuel down the top of the carbs and see if it fires. That should get the fuel pumping easier than grinding on the starter. You could also hook a vacume pump such as a mighty vac to the fuel line and see if you can suck fuel through the system.

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    this is what I did when I had a 1200STXR Take off hose between pump and filter and stick it in bottle of fuel and try to start. Check also to see if vacume hose and return hose and feed hose are not mixed up.

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    Take filter off and put hand over number one carb and turn over. Best way to create alot of vacume built up quick. You can usually feel your hand get wet when fuel enters. Do this to 2 and 3 as well.

    If this does not bring fuel up then you may have a problem with the pick up.

    Remove glove box....look down in there and there will be 4 screws holding it in. take um out and pull up fuel pick up and see if it is still attached to the pick up houseing.

    It should be if I recall it's all one piece.

    But check all fuel hoses and return lines and such before doing this. Just start with the basics. Like enough fuel in the ski as well....

    Hope it works for ya.

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    Thanks for the help guys. three of the screws on my carb had can out. This is why I was not getting gas to the filter.

    thanks again!

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    If you blow through the fuel line on the outlet marked "out" on the fuel pump side of the carb, it will purge all the air out of the fuel system.

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