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    Talking New to jet ski's, bought a 96 650ss

    Hey guys, Im new to the whole jet ski scene, let me introduce myself before i newb it up and get flamed haha, im 22, navy vet, bikes are more my thing, been riding since i can remember and just never got into the water really, i live in central oklahoma born and raised in san diego. i was looking around on craigslist and found a 96 650 ss? i dont know the model, it just says "ss" on the side. well the kid wanted $1300 but when i got there he said he thinks the ecu burned up cause he tried to jump start it before i go there, long story short i picked it up for $500 and it seems to be in great condition (although i dont know if its mechanically sound ) I really dont know anything about these things, ive been searching around the forum and it looks like you guys have alot of helpful information! anything i should look for with this bike? and how much do you guys think a new ecu will run me? Thanks


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    here is a pic from the add

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    check ebay motors they have some racing ones you could get for under 500. you may also want to look at swapping a 750 in if the motor isnt in great shape...


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    There should be a fuse inside the CDI box, check it to see if it's blown. Hooking a battery up backwards can blow it. To access it, just unscrew the round plastic cap on the box.

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    That ski should have a 750 in it, I don't think they made an "SS" or "XI SS" in a 650.

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