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    Battery: I had an idea, maybe stupid

    I have been noodling this for a bit looking at my 3 2002 GTX 4-Tec (2 run great, the third a LTD is an "interesting" project/resale) and wondering why I have never heard of anyone modifying the battery tray area to hold a "real" group 24 marine battery. I am pretty sure if one built a platform (bolt to the existing battery retainer studs) to clear the cable passages it would all fit with no further modification to ski or cables.

    My other thought was to extend the cables and install a full battery box under the hood, not great in terms of trim, but less that the delta of a full verse 1/2 full gas tank.

    1) Adds weight, but the difference between the 30 AMP and a real marine starting battery is like 20-25 lbs and many of us carry that much "extra" weight between neck and waist anywhat
    2) Potentail damage to electrical system: I don't really see how as the circuit is fused and 12V is 12V, no?
    (I have read here an other place about people using full-sized car batteries in the shop for staring.)
    3) Vibration damage: Marine batteries take a pretty good beating in boats which trypically run a lot more hours

    1) Availability: Flooded, Gel and Glass mat are everywhere
    2) Cost: I just don't understand why these 1/2 sized. 30AMP batteries cost more than a good quality group 24
    3) Reserve power: lots and lots
    4) Less finiky: I have run marine batteries for 20 years on big boats and I get 4 years without battery tenders for winter maintenance. I suppose I should use a tender, but I am pretty happy with the $20 a year cost - 4 years on an $80 battery (usually less on sale in Spring). I have dual batteries in the big boat.

    I am not running out to do this tonight, but I am interested in thoughts here.

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    The stock charging system is not in any way designed to support a battery like that. Stators ain't cheap on these motors either at $370

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    Question Stator/charging

    Thanks for the response. In my mind if starting the engine took X number of amp hours out of the battery it would not matter to the charging system what battery it was returning that energy to, no?

    Not challenging, just trying to understand the risks/rewards of this idea

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    Unless your wanting to run a stereo of something... I'm not sure why you would want to add such a large battery If maintained properly, the OEM battery should last 4-6 years. Mine always has, even with my 2 smoke ski's. However... if you throw some wal-mart super crank BS in there... yes... you will be replacing it every year

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    not worth the extra weight. people have been having problems with spider craching from hull flex under the fuel tanks( alot of weight in the tanks)
    imagine throwing something even heavier andd more compact up front. hull wanst designed for that kind of load.
    if anything i will go smaller with my battery, replace with an oddyssey PC 625. same size as in the older 2 stroke batteries. lighter and good power capabilities...
    all you need the battery for is to start your ski for 2 seconds every few hrs. it doesnt need to do anything else, so why lug around a giant battery.
    also it owuld be better to move the battery to the rear of the ski, not the front.
    back there is less choppy...
    if you have to crank your ski over and over for 5 minutes, then something else is wrong, you are on a trailer and near your garage, you can hook up a booster pack or jumper cables, for unlimited power.

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