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    Purchased a used 03 STX-r, what to check out?

    I just bought a fresh water 60 hour 03 STX-R which is being delivered next Friday. Planning to take compression readings - what else to check out or known problem areas? Any issues with motor mounts? alignment problems, etc.

    Thanks for the help...2 strokes rule

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    post pics . .

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    Oil lines!!!! They are a motor killer on stxr's and ultras. You might want to do some reading on the mods thread in my sig. I was written for ultras but all the engine mods work on yours as well. Johnny5 has a good thread in the projects section on his stxr. He should be chimming in shortly

    Welcome to green hulk!

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    Yea get some pics and Morris is write about the oil lines. They need to be checked out.

    Other than that the stxr is a great platform ski. There are a couple things it doesnt do well. Top speed is pretty limited but it holds speed well in the chop which is where it kills the other ski's on the water.

    Bottom end is is great for a stock ski add a skiworx stinger mod and it's actually impressive for a stock boat, and at $175 plus shipping it's probably the best mod you could do.

    It also does not fly well like some of the other ski's it just likes to stay on the water and be hooked up.

    It can fly with decent wakes or ocean stuff but nothing like a gp1200 or XP type ski.

    Other than that it turns well handles great and is one of the classic muscle craft that are dying out. It will be a sad day if I sell some day.

    Anyway hope the ski works good Welcome to greenhulk..

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    I don't have it is Friday. What about the oil lines? Do they break and need to be replaced frequently? Any other issues?? Are motor mounts solid for jumping?

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    The factory oil lines get brittle and crack. Usually it the #2 cylinder that gets killed because all of its oil comes from 1 line. The other 2 cylinders get part through the carb and the rest through the balancers lines. You can stick a brite light behinde them and bend them slightly, if you see crackes or find oil on them then they are shot. When changing them mix 50:1 in the gas so an air buble doesnt get you. You also need to prime the lines with oil as you put them on. A large cattle syringe works well to do this. Do them 1 at a time the order on the pump matters because the outputs are different. Here is a thread on the type and size line to use.

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    Thanks for the tip on oil lines...anything else to look at ? I'm assuming over 110psi in compression and withing 10psi. Any structural failure issues on hull? Not expecting to see a beater but one never knows.


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    Forgot to ask...moving from freshwater use to way/system for flushing engine?
    Thxs again.

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