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    bottom end tech ?

    Hello everyone, 94 sl 750 I discovered i needed to rebuild the top end, due to a trashed piston on the pto end. When I removed that piston, I discovered the conecting rod was very sloppy. So here goes the question. Can I replace the connecting rod and berrings? Does the crank need to be pressed back together? How does the crank come appart? Does the crank need to be ballenced after? Is any of this something I can do at home. Or should I just buy a new crank, new or used. Any thoughts or comments would be awsome!!! Thanks.

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    what is sloppy ? if its touching the main chops of the crank then replace it ,

    i thought my crank was very sloppy untill i got a brand new one that did the same thing ,

    if you do decide you need a new crank ( this is nothing you can do at home unless you have a 6-10 ton press and experince ) then search for

    midwest crank in greenbay wi he does them very reasonable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bone1050 View Post
    ...midwest crank in greenbay wi he does them very reasonable
    Jeff is listed here.

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