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    1997 SLT 780 issue

    i just bought this 97 SLT 780 for $950 w/ trailer. (i have another post about it) so i took it out for my first time ever on a ski last night. thing fired right up was running, idling great. rode it for about an hour full throttle was great, it was pulling great etc etc. i put new plugs in it and topped it off with 93 octane gas b4 i took it out. so after an hour of riding on a major river we came back near the dock (thank god) we were just sitting there idling then it just randomly died. so we floated to the dock and let it sat for about 15 to 20 min. it would turn but wouldnt start. eventually it started after i gave it some gas while starting. a guy at my work (tire shop) use to be a marine tech and said to get it to die agian then check the spark. it could be losing spark when heat soaked. but i still think the fuel lines and carbs may have something to do with it. anyone have any issues like this? i really want to get this thing running without worrying about it dieing on me. thx agian guys


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    nobody? i could of sworn i heard something like this earlier.

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    Until you get this machine 100% reliable, I strongly suggest you find a riding buddy, or a boat, to go out with you each time. That way, you will always have a tow back if you encounter problems. Being stranded on the water is zero fun, and can be dangerous.

    Learn about proper towing practices. Learn which cooling hose needs to be clamped off before you start towing to prevent water flooding into the engine while you are being towed.

    Have you gone through the Fuji to-do list that is posted here?

    You also should check over the entire electrical system. Pay attention to the condition of every connection inside the electrical box. There should be no moisture, and zero corrosion, in there.

    Check that every black wire connection is clean and solidly connected to the black marked terminals.

    Also check the Start and Stop switches, and the safety lanyard switch, for proper operation. Dirty contacts or poor connections on these switches can cause problems.

    You can check them from the electrical box using an ohm-meter (multi-meter). Disconnect the wires to the switches, and check each button when pressed, and not pressed.

    You can find the wiring diagram for your machine in the back of the service manual.

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    Did it cough and sputter before stalling, or did it just cut out right away?

    Mine did that once and it was the elec. stator failed.

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    honestly i dont really remember. i was yelling at my friend and saying "Hah! urs keeps dieing!" then all of a sudden i realized mine was dead.(kinda ironic huh? lol) it felt very abrupt but it could of sputtered a lil b4 it died out. when i went to go restart it it seemed like it wanted to turn over, everytime i gave it gas it felt like it was helping it. thats why im thinking its a fuel issue (still stock fuel lines).

    im gonna do a fuel filter, new fuel lines, 93 octane, some (seafoam) like additive that is used in sleds (that from what i heard is the balls!) and then ima register it and plop it back in the water. but this time with a good paddle lol to test it out. if that dosent do the trick it must be an ignition/spark problem im thinking the stator is not charging the battery (if it isnt a fuel issue, which im hoping it is and this takes care of it).

    if anything i said is a big no no please let me know b4 i do it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Until you get this machine 100% reliable, I strongly suggest you find a riding buddy, or a boat, to go out with you each time.

    Polaris's are so good, they tow other people in when broken! Before I found the hole in the Mag piston, I was making runs trying to tune my carbs since I thought that was the issue, and I ended up towing a boat in that wouldnt start.

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    Did you check the plugs to see if they are bad or fouled? Also you mention something about the battery draining...does it crank fine after it dies?

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