My Dad has had an X2 for quite a few years that hardly gets ridden. My neice decided to test it's strength against a log in the lake and hosed up the front. Since decent fiberglass repair was more expensive than a different hull, I swapped every last part from one hull to another one. We rode it once to make sure it was ok and then put it away for the winter. First thing this spring a wind storm blows off the top of a pine tree and crushes to poor ski. It only damaged the hull and seat. So I've been on the hunt for a useable hull and have gotten the fever to be on the lake again. Since you have to have 20 posts to post up in the classifieds, I thought I'd see if anyone near Ohio might have one taking up space. I've had a 550, many 650's and a few 750's so hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the forum.