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    Question about my intake grate.

    Hi everybody,i recently bought a 2004 gp1300r and im new to owning a jetski so forgive me if this is a dumb question.Today i took off the intake grate just to inspect the bottom of my hull and noticed after i had the intake grate off that at the rear of the grate where it bolts on to the ski there are three cavities that are filled with silicone,first of all is it supposed to be this way and if so what is the purpose for it.Thanks for any replies.

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    it was done to stop it catching water.....poor more pump plug kit

    is it a stock grate or after market one?

    if its stock, throw it in the bin and get a dual bar r&d, the stock ones are dangerous and throw you off at 70+

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    stock grate.

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    Can you point me in the right direction where to purchase this grate,part number ect,thanks.

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    Also should i replace the ride plate,if so which one should i get.The only mods i have done to my ski are the d-plate and the wave eaters and couplers,them are the only things ive done.I want to do the pump tunnel reinforcement and the ride plate and intake grate all at the same time ,just not sure what ones to buy,like i said im not going to do any major engine mods so i dont need the most expensive stuff,thanks for any help in advance.

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    I went with the riva 1200 intake grate dual bar and the only plate imo to go with is Jims plate i cant be more happier with that set up. You can buy it all at and you get an extra 10% off when your a green hulk member Keyword Greenhulk. And by the way jims plate a lil pricey but WELL worth the money

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