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Thread: sho problem

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    sho problem

    Any idea where to look? Mikes SHO has the following mods:

    Riva grate w/PPK
    Swirl 13-24 impeller
    Stock ride plate
    Riva intake
    Riva intake manifold mod
    Riva free flow exhaust (or whatever its called for the SHO)
    R&D Power shot
    boost guage reads about 5.5
    stock rpm guage around 7000
    top speed is barely 60 mph (gps)...

    Could be the prop dragging it down but it shouldn't drag it down this much and worst case is it takes a little longer to get to top hits hard and reaches speed real quick then levels off to "slow" (59.XXX). He did try leaning it out and richening it a little with the PS but no real affect...

    Stock it ran about 67...since he started adding mods it's gone down hill from there...

    My first choice is to put the stock prop back on...Mike said it was all over the rev limiter with the stock prop and before the R&D PS was put on...don't know what the speed was then...



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    unless hes going to add a supercharger wheel in the near future, that prop is way too tall. Id run a 13/20 or a 13/21.

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    It absolutely is the prop dragging it down. Not the right prop for those mods. The RPM SHOs it.

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