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    Ultra 150 Idle Adjusting Screw Replacement

    So my idle adjusting screw was stuck and the ski was reving to 5.5 to 6K on start up. I tried to loosen it up and get it moving but then it broke... I was shocked to see that it was plastic.

    So I have the hole pretty well cleaned out with a little bit of plastic left in it. So I am wondering if anyone has replaced this with a real metal bolt and if so, what size bolt did you use?

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    Took the Ultra out yesterday for the first time... talk about a totally different monster than the GP1200R. It sadly did a slow 60.6mph on the gps. I need to lean the carbs out a little more as they are a bit rich. I also need to check the pump to see how it's shimmed and also figure out why it went only 60mph.

    I'm gonna recheck the compression tonight just to make sure everything is in line and then tackle some other little small issues with the ski.

    On a good note, it ran pretty flawless and it was extremely nimble and I loved jumping the waves with it, probably more so than with the GPR. The steering really needs to be addressed as it's not aligned right and it's fairly sloppy which was a bit nerve racking in choppy water.

    Thanks for all the help throughout this thread though.

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