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    99 XP Cylinders flooded with fuel

    Hello, new and need some help. Have a 99 Seadoo XP 951 carb motor that the cylinders fill up with gas after sitting a few days or few hours. I mean really fill up. I suck it out with a vacuum pump. Both carbs have been rebuilt and pop off is set at 23 psi. This has happened three times and do not see any trash under needle and seat when tear down, Have replaced needle and seats with no improvement. Ski runs great when it runs. I have built several of these carbs with no problems. Has anyone seen this before? All help greatly appreciated.

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    I find it odd that both carbs would be doing this, but you would think that it's gotta be the needle and seat leaking. I have read here that the Needle Valve Lever can be held down by the carb cover in cases where the lever arm has been bent up too much.

    Did you pressure test both carbs on the fuel inlet side after they were fully assembled? If you close off all outlets and put a pop-off tester on the inlet side you should be able to hold 10-15psi with no drop. If it loses pressure, you have a leaky N&S (or cover). I would check the lever arms to make sure they are not holding the needles open.


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