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Thread: FZR speed

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    FZR speed

    Hi I bought my fzr 2 weeks ago and installed the r&d grate with silicone from 4 tech, I rounded the ride plate on the leading edge and took it for a spin and the speed was 68.8 then I installed riva power filter kit and the riva intake upgrade kit from 4 tech now my speed is 69.1 should it be more or is the grate holding me back and will need a new impeller and ride plate to get over 70 if so what impeller what pitch

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    im doing over 70 stock on my fzs

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildpb View Post
    im doing over 70 stock on my fzs
    70 gps? because fzr/s will read around 75 top speed on the speedometer.
    gps top speed is about 68 give or take.

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    ive hit 70 with gps and only stopped cause i ran out of room. I mean im not saying anyone is wrong here or anything haha I just was surprised also when I was id say quite easily able to hit that speed.

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    69.8 was the best I've seen on a stock FZR. Motor was all over the rev limiter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    69.8 was the best I've seen on a stock FZR. Motor was all over the rev limiter.

    damn 69.8 on a stock ski?

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    Whats everyone's definition of stock? stock means out of crate. An air intake and freeflow is not stock.The motor is stock, but it has bolt on's.

    Out of crate i hit 68.7 on low fuel buzzer, no bolt on's.

    Jerry was at 70.5 with air intake, free flow and ribbon removed and on limiter.

    I can't see a STOCK ski hitting the limiter, mine doesn't

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    I asked same question before about the definition of "STOCK" and never got an answer. My FZS has Performance Power filter kit (RIVA), Intake manifold(RIVA, Free flow exhaust(RIVA), sponson (RIVA), R&D grate with pump seal kit. I got 70 mph (GPS), 1/2 tank and nice water. I still consider my FZS "stock" .

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    Before everyone gets all pissy about bone stock numbers understand that ride conditions are going to play a major role. Salt water will slow you down, elevation, water temps, air density. All of those can and will add and take away 1 or 2mph from day to day. Don't try comparing a ski in NJ to a ski in West TX or whatever.

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    true, my speeds in the salt are not the same in fresh waters...

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